About ARTS

About ARTS

Who We Are
Hawai’i Alliance for Arts Education, founded in 1980, is the only statewide private non-profit for the arts that belongs to the national Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network, a major program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC. We represent 105 organizations and 300 individuals, a combined statewide membership of over 35,000.
We are recognized both locally and nationally for our achievements.

We received an Award of Excellence from the City & County of Honolulu for “Community Arts Promotion and Education”
We are 1 of 16 selected from 307 national applicants by the Americans for the Arts for an Animating Democracy Award.
What We Do
The Alliance serves ALL ARTS – dance, music, theatre and visual arts. We are widely respected for networking arts and education agencies and for advocating a complete education for all children in Hawai‘i.

Programs – Our unique programs reach statewide inclusive of geography, socio-economic levels, multi-ethnicity, and age, provide access for the underserved. These programs offer education for children, teachers, artists and communities, and serve more than 20,000 on all islands.

Special Projects –

ARTS License Plates raise funds and awareness.
The ARTS at Marks Garage is in the center of the Honolulu Cultural Improvement District.
Networking – we provide information, support and recognition for our membership.
Advocate – We led the effort for recent legislation that mandates establishment of fine arts standards for all schools in Hawaii. We are currently urging the establishment of arts specialists in our school system statewide.
Why Arts?
Research show us that motivation to learn, to stay in school and seek advanced education is significantly increased with a complete education that includes the arts. We cannot underestimate the power of the arts to transform lives. The Alliance advocates for arts education not just because there are impressive statistics about raising test scores or increasing earning power, but because when the arts become integral in all our lives, we are changed fundamentally.

Our Vision
Hand in hand, let us build a community where every man, woman and child experiences the arts as the joyful work of life.

Our Mission
The Alliance:

Urges the recognition of the educational potential of all the arts.
Advocates the finest arts instruction as essential to the complete education
of all Hawai‘i children.
Works to provide direct experience in the arts and with their creators.
Serves as a vital communication between the arts and education communities.