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Essential Woodworking Hand Tools

Every job has its tools, and woodworking is no different. Using the right kind of tool for the project is important in manufacturing a good quality end product in a timely manner. Here in this article, you will get to know about some of the best woodworking tools every carpenter and woodworker should think about owning.

Important Woodworking Hand Tools

Almost all woodworking hand tools obtain their power from your muscles. They are all power tools, but not electrical clout. Some of the important tools that one must consider buying are as follows:

1.) Claw Hammer

It is the most crucial tool in every household. It is most commonly used. The claw hammer leaves a typical waffle mark on the wood when you compel the nail. A poorly-balanced claw hammer will bend in your grasp, making it hard to drive nails appropriately. You ordinarily hold a hooked hammer with your hand at the rear of the grip, letting the heaviness of the head do the majority of the work. You should simply coordinate the driving surface toward the correct nail, sparing the ones on your hand.

2.) Tape Measure

The next significant hand instrument for the carpenter is a precise measuring tape. Get a retractable one that is at any rate 25 feet in length. Any longer than that, and you begin having issues getting it to roll back up. Since measurements for enormous scope undertakings can be truly vulnerable to even the minute measurement variations, you'll need to ensure the "hook" or tab toward the end of it is immovably connected, with no give. At the point when they get free, you'll have as much as 1/8" variety in your estimations. This can add up to some cruel correctness problems in the long run.

3.) Moisture Meter

A good quality wood moisture gauge is imperative to the long-term achievement of any woodworking assignment you put together. The hit of your woodworking task, from wood flooring to fine furniture, highly depends upon the right moisture content levels of the woods you utilize for your region of the country.

4.) Utility Knife

It is an important asset for the woodworker. Different types of utility knives are available in the market. The blade draws back into the grip for protection. The utility knife is used by woodworkers for scribing wood or cleaning out mortise joints.

5.) Chisel

Chisel is one of the most important woodworking hand tools. It is used for cleaning saw cuts and joints. Always prefer buying chromium-vanadium alloyed steel or high-alloy carbon steel chisels. The hardwood grips are paramount, particularly if they comprise metal caps on them. It helps in keeping the end of the handle safe from becoming crooked when you hammer on it.

6.) Level

Every woodworker needs a combination of levels for executing their jobs. A 48” level is a good length for most of the woodworking projects which carpenters usually do. Sometimes a person requires an 8” level too for their assignment. The 8” level is usually known as a torpedo level. One can easily figure out the plum and level of their construction. Plumb means vertical and Level is horizontal.

7.) Right Kind of Screwdriver

Having the right set of screwdrivers in your toolbox is the most important thing. Do not forget to keep Torx drivers and star drivers in your tool kit so that you cannot face any trouble later on. Always check the quality of a screwdriver before buying it. Most of the screwdrivers that are available in the market nowadays are made up of soft metal. Do not consider buying such screwdrivers as they are absolutely useless.

8.) Nail Set

The next important hand tool that every carpenter or woodworker should have is a nail set. One should have several sizes of nail sets in their tool kit. These are usually used for driving nail heads into the timber so they are flush or right below the plane. It allows you to fill up the holes and set up the wood for painting or staining.

9.) Good Quality layout Square

A combination square or layout square comes in 6” and 12” sizes. Usually, the carpenters or woodworkers use a 6” model. The reason is that the 6” layout square is easy to carry and hold. The layout square is triangular in shape. It is used for marking square cuts on stock. After measuring the length of the cut, there comes a requirement for lining up the layout cube with the edge of the panel. It also provides you the ability to measure off angles. One can also use a layout square to find out an existing angle. Always consider buying a layout square that is made up of metal. The layout squares which are made up of plastic are fragile and are hard to warp, which makes them of no use.

10.) The Sliding Bevel

A good quality sliding bevel can help in measuring a bunch of angles. It is easy to use and carry. This amazing tool is easily bendable, and one can lock it at any angle they want to mark.


Every job requires some necessary tools and requirements and the same is the case with woodworking. Here in this article, you will get complete information about some of the important tools that woodworks or carpenters must consider buying.